A “FULL IMMERSIVE” game is when a team has chosen the “Full Immersive” option &  paid in full prior to their game. Then your Gamemaster becomes a character, in the story.  They lead you into your room, then once you are in the game, they will help you solve the puzzles, as a character in the story, they do not physically enter the game with you. The Game master WILL NOT act as an employee of Escape Room Oz. They WILL NOT take a photo of your team. They WILL NOT sell you anything extra like a drink, or provide information about how you went in the game. They are a character in the story of the game, and will act as such. From the time you enter the premises and until you leave. The Game Master will try NOT to break character. If they do, well we appologise, because hey, nobody is perfect! If a player tries to hamper the Gamemaster, or be diruptive to the flow of the game, in any way, they may be asked to leave.