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Murder Mystery Night

“The night was just beginning, the party goers had no idea that a murder was being committed as they arrived. Can they avoid suspicion and help catch the MURDERER!”

Bookings available for between 24-50 people. We come to you, or, we can host your event for you.

A minimum of 4 weeks required to design the night to suit your event.
(Not available on public holidays)

sunshine coast murder mysterygame

sunshine coast mega escape game

mega escape game sunshine coast

Mega Escape Game

We are offering a completely new event concept, our MEGA ESCAPE GAME, turning your guests from attendants into engaged participants.

Ranging from 60-300 players, we offer a comprehensive story-based and free-flowing concept which will take your guests into a different world and teach them to value goals in an impressive and lasting manner. Escape Room Oz has created a basic concept that will transform your event into an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Your guests will be team members vying for the ultimate goal, finding the Lost Treasure.

Naturally, you decide the level of immersion and intensity for your event. Be it moderate and entertaining, or revolutionary and highly exciting, anything is possible.

Our immersive and playful concepts allow us to turn a feeling into an experience. Involve your guests and enable them to develop a strong sense of community, contributing to a stable and lasting foundation for relationships. Your guests will feel the rush and enjoy a highly memorable experience, and achieve an emotional level that is normally hard to reach with other team building activities.

No matter what your occasion, team building day, conference, premiere event, anniversary party, New Year kickoff, Christmas party or customer get together, you will be one of the first companies to present their business event in a completely new and sensational setting.

We come to you.
A function room or large oval/stadium can be used to hold the event. Catering to 60-300 players, teams work against each other in a massive battle of wits. So, is your team ready for the challenge?

To experience this amazingly enjoyable Mega Escape Game, contact Escape Room Oz for more information.

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