**Designed for the “First time escape room player”, who may be a little unsure.

On an adventure through a foreign country you and your friends have been found guilty of using the monarchs name in vain. You know you are not guilty, but the local court sees it another way.

The punishment is to be determined by the ruling king, and you have but an hour before the judgement is handed down.

You will be held in The Dungeon before the verdict. A note has been handed to you by a passer by, and when you are shackled up in the dungeon you are able to, at last, read the note.

Blindfolded, you are taken to…………………….



Will you be able to escape?

What does the note you were handed say?

Is someone trying to help you?

Play, The Dungeon, and find out !!

Age Limit = 8yrs old and over only.

**NOTE – Players will bind folded before they start the game (it can be removed when the game starts) and once in the Dungeon, they are shackled up together then the game begins. The shackles have an EMERGENCY RELEASE. In case of any type of emergency the players are NOT LOCKED in ! If you have any questions please call to investigate further.



9 thoughts on “THE DUNGEON”

  1. Good evening, I have a travelling family coming to your area in August. We are interested in do the easy room, there are four of us.

    The dates we are thinking about are, Sunday evening the 7th, after 4pm .
    Any time mon the 8th, after 4pm true the 9th.
    Are any of these times available?

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if you had any availability for this room (The Dungeon) for 4 people on Tuesday 10th July.
    Many thanks,

  3. Hi I was wondering if two teenagers could do this room together
    Me and my friend (13 and 16)
    Really want to do it during the holidays on Wednesday next week

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