Time Travellers Room

**This puzzle set is proving our hardest yet!!

The Scenario for the Time Travellers Room.

Professor Harrison has been missing for weeks. You and your friends need to find him!  The power keeps going out on campus and a place which could be the likely cause is the Professor’s Workshop. When you enter, you realize why. The machine in the middle of the room confirms your suspicions. But it wasn’t there the last time. What’s going on?? Something isn’t right about the room?? Enter and see what awaits …..

Book now to play the Time Travellers Room!  Go to bottom of page to book!!

2 – 12 players can fit in the Time Travellers Room!

Travellers!! Don’t wait until your time runs out!!



***NOTE – When playing our rooms, you are NOT LOCKED in ! If you have any questions please call to investigate further.


8 thoughts on “Time Travellers Room”

  1. Hey(:

    Just wondering what sessions are available for the time travellers room as a group event for approximately 10-15 people at the beginning of June.


    1. Hi Madison,

      The Time Travellers Room is yet to open. We do have a bookings list, and if you like we can put you on the list, which means you will be the first to book the room! Just let us know all of your details and we can arrange the booking. Mobile, email, full name for the booking confirmation, and we will put you on the waiting list.

      The room will pen in June, just no date set yet.

      Kind regards,


    2. Hi Madison,
      We are checking to see if you would like to be the first booking for the Time Travelers Room?
      We are yet to confirm dates, but we are starting a booking list today, and you were the first to enquire.

      Just let us know your details and we will confirm the date when it becomes available.

      Warm regards,

      The Escape Room Oz team.

  2. Hello,

    Just wondering what sessions are available for the time travellers room for a group of 10-15 people for the weekend of the 27 & 28 of June (Saturday & Sunday).


    P.S. My friends and I haven’t actaully made any plans or anything but most of us have already said that we really want to go again.

    P.P.S. – You guys are really good at entertaining large groups!!! : D


  3. Hi, do you have availability for Saturday the 8th of April for the time travellers room, my daughter was thinking of doing a session with her and five other 14 year old girls for her birthday. Would it be possible for them to do it alone, without me or other players? Thank-you for your help.

  4. Hey there,
    Is the time traveller’s room actually about escaping? Or is it just like finding an answer to something? Also, if we come on Friday 31st will there weekday prices for under 15s?

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