Prior to arrival at Escape Room Oz, ALL players MUST have read


Upon arrival, all players must advise Escape Room Oz

they have read, understood, and agree

to the below rules of play.


Players be aware, the escape doors and the entry doors are never locked and can be opened by staff or players at any time.


Players are supervised at all times by the Game Master in case of medical, or fire emergency.


Children are never in a room without adult supervision. (16 yrs +)


Do not apply force or break anything. Damaged items may have a cost to the player. Use “2 fingers of force as a Rule”, no more.


Anything marked by orange sticker is physically out of play (e.g. “do not touch”-stickers) Visual puzzles may be placed in a high area, but may be just for viewing, not touching.


No special skills or knowledge are required. If a child can complete the room with their set of skills, you may need to adjust your approach accordingly.


Hints or items may only be used once. Unless you are instructed or are able to use it as part of another puzzle.


Combination locks need a code NOT a key to open them.


Playing an escape room game may cause serious mental or physical injury, due to a players unforeseen situation. Each player understands they play at their own risk. Owners and staff will not be held responsible for a player/players failing to abide by these rules during their visit to Escape Room Oz, resulting in injury to themselves or other players.


The escape door has a keypad which is how you win the game. Enter a code to stop the music and countdown clock to win. If these things fail to happen, keep trying. Just opening the door does not mean you win. The game master has final say.